Success Stories

Widely accepted and recognised, the MyHIJAU Mark issued by GreenTech Malaysia has now been made easily accessible across online platforms such as a dedicated website, and the MyHIJAU app can be downloaded both on Google Play store and Apple store. Its easy availability across multiple platforms has led to a steady rise in registrations, especially in the energy sector.

As of 2018, a total of 290 companies and 3,142 green products and services were registered with the MyHIJAU Mark. The added benefit is that all the companies registered with the MyHIJAU Mark will be listed in the MyHIJAU Directory, which makes them applicable for green technology tax incentives. Not only will this spur green awareness, but it will give green businesses the resources they need to grow further.

Multiple MyHIJAU events and talks were held from as early as April 2018 until the very end of the year. A majority of the events were ‘Business Clinics’, which assisted companies with the application process and guidelines for the MyHIJAU Mark recognition for green products and services. Additionally, Pocket Talks on MyHIJAU were also held during IGEM2018. These were sharing sessions that gave the audience further insights into the MyHIJAU Mark.

Green Technology Tax Incentive

As an initiative to encourage the buying and selling of green technologies, the Government provides an Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) for purchasing green technology equipment / assets and an Income Tax Exemption (ITE) for providing green technology services. Under the Green Technology Tax Incentive, there is Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA) for Assets, GITA for Projects, and Green Income Tax Exemption (GITE) for Service Providers.


In 2018, 175 renewable energy (RE) and 55 energy efficiency (EE) projects were approved, attracting total investment values of RM3.0 billion and RM139.1 million respectively.



With both domestic and foreign investors partaking, there were a total of 14 projects for green services with a total investment of RM150.8 million.


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